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Harbor Beach Fiberglass Pool

The simplistic style coupled with the unmistakable beauty of its clean lines and contemporary design, ensures that the breath-taking Harbor Beach will be the perfect compliment to your back yard. If you are looking for a family oriented modern design, than look no further than the classic Harbor Beach design. This straight edge style fiberglass pool features a unique and attractive “Lazy L” shape that is sure to get attention and turn heads! Additional features of the Harbor Beach include:

Installation Schematics - Click To View


  • Size: 14'3" x 31'4"

  • Depth: 4'5" to 7'1"

  • Gallons: 11,800

  • Comfortable and spacious bench seating in shallow end only

  • Convenient dual deep-end safety swim outs with corner seating

  • Contemporary, straight-edge style

  • Desirable, modern “Lazy L” shape

  • Distinctive dimensions featuring a 14'3" x 31'4" size, ample depth of 4'5" - 7'1" and a spacious capacity of 11,800 gallons

Leading Edge Harbor Beach Fiberglass Pool

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