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Spa Designs

Fiberglass Spas and Tanning Ledges

Full Moon Spa W/ Spillover

Leading Edge Spillover Spa
Leading Edge Full Moon Spa w/ Spillover

Our Full Moon Spa with spillover water feature is a perfect complement to any of our inground fiberglass pools. With it's beauty, style and elegance the Full Moon Spa offers you the ability to truly relax in style. Imagine yourself sitting back in the classic design of the round shaped spa, with family and friends, or even having some well-deserved alone time with your significant other.

Size: 7'4" Diameter

Depth: 2'8"

Gallons: 450

Starlight Spa

Leading Edge Spa
Leading Edge Starlight Spa

Take one look at the unique octagon shape and stunning geometric design of the Starlight Spa and we are sure you will be impressed. This luxurious spa offers simplicity and spaciousness, all wrapped up into one beautiful package.

Constructed of extremely tough and very durable fiberglass, this breathtaking spa promises that you will enjoy plenty of relaxation and serenity for years to come.

Size: 8' x 8'

Depth: 3'3"

Gallons: 475

Stargazer Spa

Leading Edge Spa
Leading Edge Stargazer Spa

Step into the spacious Stargazer Spa and you'll feel like you've just stepped into your favorite tropical destination. This beautiful and roomy spa can be designed to stand alone or easily paired with any of our Leading Edge fiberglass pools. The Stargazer is also a popular choice for our commercial clients.

Size: 8'2" x 12'

Depth: 3'3"

Gallons: 1,560

Manitou Spa

Leading Edge Spa
Leading Edge Fiberglass Manitou Spa

Attractive and very unique, the Manitou Spa has an exclusive teardrop shape. With distinct curves and dynamic rounded edges the Manitou provides ample space and generously seats up to 12 people with it's wrap around bench seating.

Size: 7' x 14'

Depth: 2'9" to 3'4"

Gallons: 1,000

Tanning Ledges

Tanning Ledges

The Bronzer

Leading Edge Tanning Ledge
Leading Edge Fiberglass Bronzer Tanning Ledge

With a spillover feature the Bronzer tanning ledge is the perfect addition to almost any swimming pool. With a depth of only 1'2" the Bronzer is perfect for laying out to tan, playing with small children, or even a place for a dog to cool off.  Add in lights, bubblers and tile for a custom look that can tie your whole backyard together.

Size: 4'7" x 15'9"

Depth: 1'2"

Gallons: 350

The Relaxer

Leading Edge Tanning Ledge
Leading Edge Fiberglass Tanning Ledge Relaxer

Relax next to your pool in the sun in the relaxer. Whether your tanning, playing with the kids or even the dog you will have plenty of room in the Relaxer. This spacious gem has a spillover water feature for a waterfall effect and can be equipped with lights, bubblers and custom tile for the perfect match for your pool and  backyard.

Size: 8'11" x 16'10"

Depth: 1'2"

Gallons: 650

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