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Leading Edge Large Pool Designs!

Pool Designs

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Grand Traverse Fiberglass Pool

Leading Edge Large Pool
Grand Traverse Fiberglass Pool

If you love the ability to jump into a deep end pool then look no further than this amazing design! It features a perfect depth layout of 3'6" to 8'2" that allows you to safely enjoy deep end water activites. We are sure that you will be impressed by this beautiful fiberglass pool. If you like the style, shape and design of this pool then be sure to check out our Traverse Bay and Petoskey model.

Size: 16' x 35'8"

Depth: 3'6" to 8'2"

Gallons: 18,600

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Huron Shores Fiberglass Pool

Leading Edge Large Pool
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Are you searching for the perfect family pool that seamlessly combines convenience, simplicity and classic style? Then the spacious, straight-edge design of the Huron Shores is the perfect pool for you and your family. Imagine splashing around with your loved ones or just relaxing for hours in the luxurious fiberglass pool. The lavish design and simplistic style of the Huron Shores, ensures a lifetime of fun and enjoyment for all.

Huron Shores Fiberglass Pool

Size: 15'5" x 35'10"

Depth: 3'11" to 6'10"

Gallons: 12,600

Manistique Fiberglass Pool

Leading Edge Large Pool

Unique, simplicity and unmistakable contemporary styling is the name of the game when it comes to the Manistique. With its modern look and feel, the Manistique is a great addition to any backyard. Although the Manistique has an undeniable compact design and structure, this stunner packs a big punch and makes a big statement.

Size: 15'4" x 35'10"

Depth: 4'2" to 6'2"

Gallons: 13,200

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Pentwater Fiberglass Pool

Leading Edge Large Pool
Leading Edge Pentwater Fiberglass Pool

The elegant design of the Pentwater features a truly uncomplicated and simple rectangular shape. With its ultra-modern, straight-edge styling, this breathtaking design makes the Pentwater the very definition of what a perfect pool should be.

Size: 16' x 39'4"

Depth: 3'6" to 6'4"

Gallons: 21,600

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Traverse Bay

Traverse Bay Fiberglass Pool

Traverse Bay Fiberglass Pool

Leading Edge Large Pool
Leading Edge Traverse Bay Fiberglass Pool

If the "wow-factor" is what you are after, the Traverse Bay is the perfect pool for you and your family! It offers a gradual depth that you and your family will enjoy while playing aquatic sports and activities! The free form styling and breathtaking features of this fiberglass pool are sure to please.

Size: 16' x 35'8"

Depth: 3'5" to 5'9"

Gallons: 14,700

Grand Ledge Fiberglass Pool

Leading Edge Large Pool
grand ledge north shore w power cover (3).jpg

This spectacular rectangle pool is perfect for the entire family to enjoy. There is a large swimming area for enjoying a refreshing swim and a special area for children and sunbathers to relax and play in the safety of shallow water while lounging in your favorite beach chair. 
This model is made for power covers.

Size: 15' x 37'

Depth: 3'4" to 6'4"

Gallons: 15,350

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