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The APC Advantage

Do you want to provide the best of the best pool cover products to your clients and customers? By becoming an Automatic Pool Covers partner, you are ensuring that your customers receive the most durable, resilient and innovative in automatic pool cover technology. With more than three decades in the pool cover business, our focus on excellent customer service and cutting-edge manufacturing has made us a worldwide industry leader.

Unparalleled Quality

We’ve made our business in creating great customer experiences – for our dealers and the homeowners they serve. From the manufacturing process, to the physical products and all the communications in between, we work hard to be the best in the industry.

We’ve spent years listening to our pool owners and perfecting our products – that’s why you can find our automatic pool cover systems around the world.

Key Components of Our Systems

  • Extrusions 37% thicker than competitors

  • Quick connect motor cords for easy install/service

  • Double sided acrylic fabric for excessive deck drag scenarios

  • Electronic Torque Limit that prevents cover overrun

  • Lead edge designed to seal out debris from getting into the pool

Hassle-free Customer Service

The dealer ordering process is a cinch with our wide distribution networks. An easy ordering process ensures that you get an accurate order in a timely manner.

Upon establishing partnership with APC, you'll receive unique credentials to access our partner portal. You can place orders, and request quotes for a full systems, parts, or replacement cover fabric through this portal. You even have the ability to upload a drawing of the pool to ensure clarity and accuracy of the order.

Orders are typically ready for pick-up or shipment within 48 hours – or less!

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