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Custom Shotcrete Pools


Naturally beautiful custom concrete Pools


Welcome to Midwest Pools, where we specialize in crafting exquisite custom shotcrete pools. Dive into a world of luxury and innovation as we bring your vision to life, creating a stunning oasis tailored to your unique preferences. With shotcrete, a versatile and durable construction method, we can shape your dream pool into reality, incorporating intricate designs, water features, and luxurious finishes. Our experienced team of experts combines artistry and engineering precision to deliver pools that not only captivate the eye but also stand the test of time. Immerse yourself in the unrivaled beauty and functionality of a custom shotcrete pool, turning your backyard into a captivating retreat.


If you are looking for a custom designed pool that has no design limits and offers an amazing natural beauty, then you would probably love a custom concrete pool installed by Midwest Pools Inc. We have installed beautiful residential and commercial concrete pools with the best construction quality in the industry.  Both Shotcrete and Gunite pools have the strength needed to provide a pool that will last many many years.  Let us help your family design that custom pool of your dreams to enjoy for many years to come!   Additional items such as built in seating, spill over spas, water features and walk in entries are all possible with this type of construction. 


Custom concrete (shotcrete and Gunite construction) have been used for many years by utilizing a very readily available cement, sand and aggregate mix. Concrete pools are constructed by digging and shaping the hole, then using steel rebar usually 3/8" - 1/2" thick creating 1' x 1' square grids tied together for structural support. Then with the use of high pressure air a cementous mix is applied to the entire pool shell forming a solid non flexible vessel. After the pool shell is formed a tile border at the water line is applied to protect the water tight finish from the UV rays. Next the pool finish is applied which can be Plaster, exposed pebble, or tile. Sometimes the use of epoxy coatings is a more economical alternative but waiting periods to allow for concrete to dry thoroughly are not convenient. Finally the water is added to the new pool and a 30 day break in period has to be followed by the owner allowing a proper cure of the new pool finish. 


Pros for custom concrete pools

  • Any shape or depth is possible 

  • Very strong using concrete for the construction 

  • Do not require large machinery

  • customization of many features are attainable

  • many types of pool entries are available

  • Various custom finishes can be used

Cons for custom concrete Pools

  • Least efficient pool because concrete transfers cold from ground 

  • Frost can damage the pool shell in freeze thaw areas

  • Pool finish lasts from 8-15 years and will have to be re applied at costs of $5000 or more

  • Pool cannot be relocated 

  • This type of construction takes the longest and requires good weather conditions to construct

  • Might require draining and acid washing each year due to porous finish that can stain with metals from fill water 

  • Most abrasive finish that can cause skinned feet and hands

  • Porous finish requires more sanitizer to kill bacteria that can get embedded into the finish

  • Could require draining of water for winterization 

  • Salt can cause etching of the finish if not properly used (Might void the finish warranties)

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indoor pool
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