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Leading Edge Medium Pool Designs!

Bayshore Fiberglass Pool

Bayshore Fiberglass Pool

The shapely design and curvy, rounded edges of the beautiful Bayshore simply can't be missed or mistaken. Take one look at this truly one of a kind, breathtaking, free-form-style, fiberglass pool and we think you will agree... the Bayshore is truly something to see and experience. What's more, the Bayshore is sure to get noticed, with it's unmistakable "curve appeal."

Size: 13' x 33'

Depth: 4'1" to 6'2"

Gallons: 10,400

Bellaire Fiberglass Pool Shell

Bellaire Fiberglass Pool

This remarkable design has two elegant entry points, one on each side of the shallow end, giving this swimming pool endless design capabilities.  The deep end bench runs across the entire width of the pool giving you and loved ones a place to sit and enjoy each other's company on those warm sunny days. Swimming laps and playing water sports with the family is perfect with this design because of the large swim lane between the steps. Exercise and family fun are the reason this pool was designed.

Size: 14' x 31'

Depth: 3'4"x 6'4"

Gallons: 14,237

Crystal Bay Fiberglass Pool Shell

Crystal Bay Fiberglass Pool

It's possible to have it all with in one beautiful design with the Crystal Bay. This fabulous, fiberglass, free-form style pool has to be both seen and experienced to be fully appreciated. The Crystal Bay is known for it's distinct and attractive kidney shaped design. The Crystal Bay is a lavishly designed pool, with it's luxurious and extravagant layout and elegant rounded edges.

Size: 16' x 31'

Depth: 3'6" to 7"

Gallons: 14,000

Harbor Beach Fiberglass Pool Shell

Harbor Beach Fiberglass Pool

The simplistic style coupled along with the indisputable beauty of it's clean lines and contemporary design, ensures that the breath-taking Harbor Beach will be the perfect compliment to your backyard. If you are looking for a family oriented modern design, than look no further than the Harbor Beach design.

Size: 14'3" x 31'4"

Depth: 4'5" to 7'1"

Gallons: 11,800

Petoskey Fiberglass Pool

Petoskey Fiberglass Pool

Last year we added a new design to our family of medium sized free-form fiberglass inground swimming pools from Leading Edge Fiberglass Pool and Spa. This stunning, medium sized  fiberglass pool has been engineered and designed with a textured floor and slip resistant wedding cake step design .

Size: 14' x 30'6"

Depth: 3'9" to 5'8"

Gallons: 11,000

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