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Bellaire Fiberglass Pool



  • Size: 14’ x 31'


  • Depth: 3'4" X 6’4”


  • Gallons: 11,546


  • The Bellaire is a non-diving family pool.


 This remarkable design has two elegant entry points one on each side of the shallow end giving this swimming pool endless design capabilities. The deep end bench runs across the entire width of the pool inviting you and loved ones to sit and enjoy each other's company for countless hours on those warm summer days. Swimming laps and playing water sports with the family is perfect with this design because of the large swim lane between the steps. Exercise and Family fun were the reason this pool was designed.  

Leading Edge Bellaire Fiberglass Pool Flyer

Installation Schematics - Click To View

Leading Edge High Definition Starlite Color Series

Leading Edge Fiberglass Pools Layers
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