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Automatic Pool & Spa Covers

Automatic and manual safety covers for pools and spas

A pool cover is the best way to protect family and friends and to optimize your investment, ensuring your swimming pool will remain the source of fun and enjoyment it was intended to be. If you already have a pool, or if you're planning to build one, remember: a pool without a pool cover is like a house without a roof.


Saves Money


Can save up to 40% on heat, water, chemicals, equipment, cleaning, and other operating costs for your pool.

Saves Time

Keep dirt, leaves, and debris out by simply keeping your pool covered.

Saves Energy

Your Power cover dramatically reduces heating costs and extends your swimming season by acting as a giant solar collector.


Saves Lives

A auto pool cover is the best way to safeguard your friends and family and to protect your investment for fun and enjoyment.


Electric safety pool cover


The automatic cover offers the easiest way to keep your pool covered. Simply turn a key or press a button and your pool is protected in under a minute. 


It's a safety and solar cover in one!

Use the Power cover to safely cover the pool to keep in the heat and to keep the family safe. 

Safety pool cover


Power covers are designed to be used every day during the swimming season, giving you a safer pool and peace of mind at the touch of a button. In under a minute your pool is easily covered or uncovered.

**Midwest Pools Does not warrant power covers for use as a winter cover. If cover is not properly maintained ice can cause damage to the cover system. Safety covers are best to use during harsh winters. **


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