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St. Clair Fiberglass Pool

Everyday can feel like a vacation with the opulent and luxurious St. Clair! If you’re looking for a spacious, pristine, freeform style, fiberglass pool… then look no further than this gorgeous addition to the Leading Edge family of pools. This pool has serenity written all over it, with its curvy, rounded edges and generous surface area and depth. Additionally, the stunning St. Clair offers convenient and comfortable seating situated perfectly throughout its perimeter, ensuring hours of fun and relaxation right in the comfort of your home. The St. Clair also evokes a sense of simplicity and peacefulness with its classic curves coupled with a very traditional layout. This is one pool that promises to impress and please even the most discerning pool connoisseurs. Have a look at what else the St. Clair has to offer:


  • Size: 12' x 25'6"

  • Depth: 3'8" to 5'3"

  • Gallons: 7,000

  • Ample seating area, offering plenty of places for your family to relax and unwind, with dual-recessed seating in the shallow end as well as in the deep end

  • Offers the added bonus and convenience of side-base steps

  • Considered a “social” type pool because of it’s family friendly layout and design, making this the perfect pool to soak up the sun with both family and friends alike

  • Spaciousness is the name of the game with the St. Clair’s 12'x25' size, 3'8"-5'3" depth and 7,000 gallon capacity

Installation Schematics - Click To View

Leaing Edge St. Clair Schematic

Leading Edge High Definition Starlite Color Series

Leading Edge St. Clair Pool Video

St. Clair Pool Testimonial

Leading Edge St. Clair Flyer

Click The St. Clair Flyer Image Above To Download The St. Clair Informational Flyer

What Is This Called?

What Is This Called?

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